If I wanted to do some Paris site seeing, what are the some of te more interesting historical landmarks to see both in and around Paris?

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While comparatively small, Paris, France is so old that it’s tough to take more than a step or two without touching something historical. As a result, once you get there it can all seem quite overwhelming, as people begin to pull you in one direction or another to see this “must see” historical site or that really fantastic restaurant, making Paris siteseeing a daunting task. So I recommend you first decide either the mood of the trip or the goal.

The mood of the trip:

A mood theme example might be a romantic getaway. (On this note, there are many fascinating things to see both in and just outside of Paris. Personally, when I’m there I often find the most fascinating things off the beaten path). One historical site I recommend highly on your Paris siteseeing tour is the Palace of Versailles (once the home of King Louis XIV of France). But I caution you, on my first visit there, with its 700 rooms sitting on several acres (filled with magnificent statues and gardens), it took about three days for me to complete the entire tour, and yet now when I go there, I notice things I didn’t before, simply because the castle is just so big and overwhelming. But if you really want to feel like Cinderella (or make your woman feel like one), then the Palace of Versailles is definitely worth the trip. And frankly, even if the Versailles is all you do the entire trip, if you’re looking for the ultimate romantic Parisian getaway, that castle alone will leave you in a puddle of romantic bliss that will have you flying back home with passion in your heart, a big grin on your face, and the memories of a lifetime.

The goal of the trip:

But if mood themes just aren’t your thing, If you're more cerebral, a goal theme example might be say the top ten historical sites to see in Paris, like Arc De Triophe, The Eifel tower, the Louvre museum and the Cathedral De Notre Dame. But if you really want to make it interesting, another goal theme might be the top five unusual places in Paris, like The Catacombs de Paris were you will discover the underground city of Paris and where subterranian gallies house the remainsof the past with spectacular rooms, amny filled with human skulls Its entrance is located near the Denfert-Rochereau station. Or perhaps you’d like to exploreThe Montmartre & Sacré Coeur- were you’ll walk along the cobbled streets, which once inspired Picasso, that lead you into the Sacre Coeur Basilica were you will enjoy the beautiful artwork and paintings on display. Another goal theme might be to chart out ahead of time, and then visit all the relevant landmarks of famous writers. You can even go stand on the very spot marking the exact center of Paris where the king was beheaded to make way for democracy in France.

In any event, doing some online research before you go (taking care to make a list of the “must see” places for you on your trip), will be well worth the trouble I assure you. Also, I recommend doing a little time management to place the sites in the order of importance, making sure to include the approximate time you want to spend seeing each one. This is important, because even if you’re the kind of person who hates planned/structured trips, at least when you deviate on your outing, you are working from a place of order, and hopefully you won’t miss your “must sees” in the confusion.

All in all, if you take the time to make lists and plan well, and if you're creative in the way you think about your Paris site seeing adventure, your trip to should go quite smoothly, leaving you with nothing but a groovy stamp on your passport, perhaps some sore feet, and lots and lots of fascinating stories to beguile your friends with, making you, hands down, the most interesting person at the dinner party.

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